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NY Citi Group Realty is a professional brokerage firm specializing in New York City’s commercial market. We focus on representing tenants that are interested in buying or leasing commercial office space, retail space or industrial space in New York City.

With an extensive background in commercial real estate and access to every available commercial space on the market, we guarantee to find you exactly what you are looking for. We help businesses identify, evaluate and locate what their ideal space would be and what purpose it needs to serve to run efficiently and effectively.  Our commitment to understanding the layers of the business and the concerns that a business will face allows us to proactively address these matters allowing us to provide solutions and options that are most suitable to completing the task, saving everyone time and minimizing the hassle.

Choosing the right real estate agent is very important. Many agents will show you space that in the end – is the most lucrative for them. At NY Citi Group Realty, we listen and assess each of our clients situation carefully, keeping their best interests in mind at all times. We strongly believe in building friendships and long term relationships with each and everyone of you.

We will be scheduling and conducting property tours, submitting proposals, negotiating term sheets, creating and modifying floor plans, and overseeing that from start to finish, everything goes smoothly. Our main goal is to secure space for each of our clients, leaving them 100% content with their decision and their experience working with any of our agents.


NY Citi Group Realty is a professional brokerage firm with a vast knowledge of New York City's commercial market.

Leasing & Sales

Our brokerage services are highly service oriented and we diligently and efficiently work with investors, owners and businesses in the sale, purchase and leasing of properties. We research and scour the market to find the right property and negotiate terms to a transaction that is satisfactory for all parties involved.


We represent owners in their day to day operations and leasing of available properties. Our understanding of the market and the customer generates a well maintained atmosphere for the tenants and owners by keeping the tenants satisfied and the owners receiving market rates for available space.

Planning & Consulting

With a wide network of professionals including architects, engineers, in-house expediter, attorneys, media and web designers, and networking specialists, we always find a way to create a finished project with the right people to get it all done. We assist businesses and investors in their decision making about every aspect from logistics to interior design. […]

Tenant Representation

Locating, evaluating and negotiating a lease for a business is what we do best. We work closely with principals in identifying their requirements and business ethos to uncover what the right location and setup would correspond to those needs. We work quickly and deliver as much pertinent information as we can to create informed and […]


team member
Ioannis (John) Kourtis

Principal Broker


Mr. Kourtis has been an active member of New York City’s real estate community since 2002. With over 12 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, he specializes in landlord and tenant representation throughout Manhattan. While seeing the economy go through drastic changes in the last decade, he has been able to utilize his experience and knowledge to assist all clients with the utmost professionalism and respect to effectively secure what they seek.

Mr. Kourtis started NY Citi Group Realty from the ground up in 2011. He is currently the President of the firm and has had the opportunity to train and successfully manage an amazing group of agents allowing the firm to grow rapidly.

team member
Vsevolod (Seva) Soloviov

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Seva Soloviov, director of leasing and sales of commercial properties, is a devoted individual to the understanding and growth of business and client relations. With service as the main focus of dedication, he serves each development and transaction with attentiveness to the particular needs of every challenge. Networking a range of talented professionals to refer and include on a per project basis, every aspect of a business setup can be accounted for.

As a professional, he respects and is receptive to the needs and challenges that every business principal faces in the logistics and transition for growing a brand and creating a harmonious atmosphere for their employees and customers. He has been working with NY Citi Group Realty since 2012. The job is to get it done, and the motto is to “Make It Happen!”.

team member
Aric Trakhtenberg

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Aric believes that the Business process has a very specific meaning and impact on the world. He treats every interaction with a deep sense of purpose. He started working in Atlantic Grill where he learned to learn from everyone and everything. Intrigued by the business process his attention focused on needs and intricate details. Doing creative work for Osneaker.com & managing a warehouse in Brooklyn he disciplined himself to listening and taking advantage of opportunities. Aric is finishing his degree in Speech Communication at BC. He’s achieved great success by building relationships and then creating networks between people and communities. He successfully executes projects with knowledge of details and strategically planning by understanding the bigger picture of businesses and the market.

team member
Michael Piazza

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Michael Piazza is the newest addition to the NY Citi Group Realty team. Expert in the field of logistics, he is a highly focused and a detail oriented member. Knowing the value of communication, Michael is oriented into building long lasting relationships and acknowledges that each person is an individual with unique needs.

Michael believes in being professional, and applies it to all of his endeavors. Along with hard work and dedication, Michael believes in providing prompt and professional service.


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Renderings of planned super tower unveiled

Renderings of a tower that could be coming to the site of a former Mercedes-Benz dealership on West 41st Street have turned up and they are, if anything, extremely ambitious. Silverstein Properties is developing the massive residential tower at 514 Eleventh Avenue, which wants to bring a massive 1,100 foot “high-rise luxury, mixed-use development” to the site.


Let us make it happen!